During the month of December, the children spent days honing their skills and practicing for our first FCCC talent show. Parents were treated to musical acts, magic tricks and hilarious jokes. Also, for our parents we screened a music video about why we love FCCC-Welborne, the video was directed by and starred their children.


This past August, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop based on loose parts and natural materials, facilitated by an inspiring educator who goes by Right Brained Mom. She provided all the materials and necessary tools to create a treehouse that we were able to bring back to our centre for the children to enjoy. She also had an array of her own homemade loose parts and natural materials on display for us to explore which allowed us to become even more immersed in her world. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with the scroll saw, belt sander and wood burner (all three of which I had never touched before in my life). Brandon (Right Brained Mom) instilled confidence in us and encouraged us to try new things and think outside of the box, which allowed our creativity to flow. Each person was given the same set of materials however, we all created our own version of the treehouse that was as unique as we are as educators. It showed us that this can translate into our classrooms as well; if we provided open-ended materials and an environment that allows mistakes to be made and creativity to flourish, we set the children up for authentic experiences and for learning to take place through play.


As part of FCCC’s commitment to professional development, we had the pleasure of offering an in-service on November 15 on reflective practice. The presentation was made by Laura Gow, the RECE Professional Learning Facilitator for Childcare and Early Years Services in the City of Kingston and Frontenac County. Laura spoke eloquently about the meaning and value of being a reflective educator, the connection to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Early Childhood Educators and “How Does Learning Happen?” This reminded us of the importance of viewing the child as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious...


September has been an exciting month for us at R.G Sinclair Public School. We have so many returning faces as well as many new faces this year. It has been so wonderful seeing how the children have bonded with each other, and how they are sharing all the fun things we do here at FCCC! 


School Age:

Lots of Science and Technology activities occurring at FCCC- Cataraqui Woods. Children have been exploring speed and velocity and got to test their theories at our Annual Race Day. Children were excited to race their creations made out of recyclable materials. On the same day as our race, we were fortunate to meet “Lydia”, the World Champion Robot. The children were amazed to see Lydia in action. After the demonstration, we were able to meet the inventors and see how their plans literally came to life.

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