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Over the past few months the kinder’s and school-aged children at FCCC Rideau P.S. have been exploring the use of loose parts, both inside and out. They have been testing their theories when building and constructing works of art.  They are also discovering which pieces work together and discovering which one’s don’t.



The LCVI preschool room has been making many connections. The children have been examining their environment and taking notice of the nature around them.

They have also found many exciting ways to use the loose parts to create new things, and to display their creativity and curiosity.

Our preschoolers were excited to decorate our room for the holidays. They still take delight in moving the decorations around on our Christmas tree.


The infant room was lucky to receive a caterpillar last month from a teacher here at Rideau Heights. We created a home for our caterpillar, using a plastic cup and a net. We then put water inside and added some milk weed for our caterpillar to eat. We watched our caterpillar each day as he ate, growing bigger and bigger! The infants were very curious about our new friend so  we decided to create a "caterpillar interest board" in our room to help show them what was happening. As time passed our friend finally made his chrysalis and we continued to observe our friend as he changed before our eyes. Soon our friend will be ready to become a butterfly and we will have to say goodbye as we set him free on his new journey outdoors.


We are having SUCH an amazing time at FCCC-Sinclair this year! Since September, our children have been exploring many ways to use; loose parts, small pieces and items from our community as well as the nature around us. A few children have explored sewing and how to incorporate our loose parts into their creations.


FCCC says goodbye to the 2016/2017 school year.

As summer approaches we reflect back on another terrific year at all of our FCCC sites. The children in our care spent the past year learning, exploring and growing. Our dedicated educators provided many opportunities for children to connect to nature, to gain a sense of belonging, to express themselves in many ways and to practice well-being.

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