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Lots of Science and Technology activities occurring at FCCC- Cataraqui Woods. Children have been exploring speed and velocity and got to test their theories at our Annual Race Day. Children were excited to race their creations made out of recyclable materials. On the same day as our race, we were fortunate to meet “Lydia”, the World Champion Robot. The children were amazed to see Lydia in action. After the demonstration, we were able to meet the inventors and see how their plans literally came to life.


At FCCC Welborne we love to build and create with our hands. This month we have been hard at work creating our 'Tilted Towers' world. We used foam board, cardboard, moss, small pebbles, oil pastels, popsicle sticks etc. We also used melty beads to create miniature versions of ourselves. We used them as characters to explore our built world. We also made items out of melty beads like pizzas, toilets, chairs and flowers. We made houses, stores, a school and a community garden for our people to live and work in.


FCCC is proudly showing their support for the Humboldt Broncos today. All of our sites are participating in Jersey Day. Some sites are personalizing their tributes. We are proud to be Canadian and want the world to know that we CARE!


At FCCC Centennial our creative arts activity ‘accidentally’ turned into growing potatoes. While cleaning up from our potato stamp activity, some of the children suggested that we should compost the potatoes. This prompted research about composting and we found that we may be able to actually grow potatoes.


This month the toddlers have enjoyed pretending to paint each other’s faces and hair. This idea started when a couple of the children experienced face painting at a family event over the weekend. The children have been using objects from our loose parts bin for this pretend play. They have used such items as paint brushes, wooden blocks with coloured gems and small coloured foam noodles. With this play they have been learning wonderful social skills and turn taking. In the end we enjoyed some real face and body painting, although we actually painted our dolls rather than each other, well maybe we painted ourselves just a little bit too!

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