loborough toddlers childcare

This month the toddlers have enjoyed pretending to paint each other’s faces and hair. This idea started when a couple of the children experienced face painting at a family event over the weekend. The children have been using objects from our loose parts bin for this pretend play. They have used such items as paint brushes, wooden blocks with coloured gems and small coloured foam noodles. With this play they have been learning wonderful social skills and turn taking. In the end we enjoyed some real face and body painting, although we actually painted our dolls rather than each other, well maybe we painted ourselves just a little bit too!

The preschool children have shown a lot of interest in things that roll and move, this is called trajectory schema play. Some of the items offered to the children included cars, trucks, rolling pins and MARBLES! The children rushed in each morning with so much excitement. Which marble were they going to choose today? And what could we do with all of these marbles? I incorporated some natural and real materials to the room and the magic unfolded. The children used the long cardboard tubes, wood flooring pieces and pipes. They spent weeks testing their theories and ideas. They built platforms, ramps, bridges and discovered which structures worked best for the marbles. They are still continuing this exploration and learning while having fun too!

building with woodtubes and marbles rolling

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